Apr 12

He Who Comes!

We are presently in that long, hot summer in which God is growing what will be harvested. Many signs indicate that the summer is quickly drawing to a close and the fulfillment of the fall holidays is about to begin. Are we ready for the return of Jesus? Are we working to help bring in the harvest of these latter days?
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Apr 05

This is the Day!

But He has been raised and we will rejoice!
He is risen and death is defeated! He is risen and our sins are forgiven. He is risen and we have a hope, a blessed hope of eternal life. He is risen and we will see our loved ones in Christ again! He is risen and he is Lord!
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Mar 29


The Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, the voice of the Archangel, and the trumpet call of God! And God himself shall be with us and be our God and he shall wipe away all tears from our eyes. And there will be no more sickness sorrow pain or death!
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Mar 22

The "Bad" Samaritan

All around us we are people who need the Living Water; people who need forgiveness; people who need Jesus. We need to be looking for and praying for these Divine appointments; opportunities to meet people where they are and bring them to our Jesus!
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Mar 15

Jesus has the Answers

We need an objective standard of truth; a source that we can go to and know we can depend on... Jesus is that standard; He is that truly reliable source of truth.
He is the Answer and He gives the answers. He is the Truth and He tells the truth!
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Mar 01


Jesus reminded us that if we seek to save our lives we will lose them, but if we lose our lives for the sake of the gospel we will find. Living lives of selfishness leads to emptiness. Living for others is to experience life in fullness/ There needs to be an "otherness" about the way we as God's people live.

There are 31 "one anothers" in the New Testament:
"pray" "encourage" "forgive" "rejoice with" "weep with" "comfort"
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