Entries for April 2015

Apr 19

Abiding in the Vine

Our purpose in life, our reason for being here is to bear fruit for God's glory... The only way we can bear fruit is to abide in the True Vine...
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Apr 12

He Who Comes!

We are presently in that long, hot summer in which God is growing what will be harvested. Many signs indicate that the summer is quickly drawing to a close and the fulfillment of the fall holidays is about to begin. Are we ready for the return of Jesus? Are we working to help bring in the harvest of these latter days?
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Apr 05

This is the Day!

But He has been raised and we will rejoice!
He is risen and death is defeated! He is risen and our sins are forgiven. He is risen and we have a hope, a blessed hope of eternal life. He is risen and we will see our loved ones in Christ again! He is risen and he is Lord!
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