Entries for April 2013

Apr 28

What Do You Know?

No one knows it all; no one has all the answers. But there are some things we can know; now and for sure. There are some blessed certainties! Things we can be absolutely sure of - even in the midst of the world of uncertainty.
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Apr 21

The Sprinkled Blood

The message of the new covenant is now we can draw near to God, we can know God,we can fellowship with God, we can experience his love, joy, peace and presence in our lives!
And it is all because of the blood of Jesus, the precious blood of Jesus!
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Apr 14

The Greatest - Part 8

We need to tell people about Jesus; but even more so we need to show people Jesus. And nothing shows Him better than showing the love of Jesus. Jesus calls us to a higher standard of love; His love.
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Apr 07

The Greatest - Part 7

Love is not easily angered. When we walk in anger we are not walking in love. We need to confess that anger and receive forgiveness and we need to ask the Lord to fill us with His Holy Spirit to overcome it no matter what our natural temperament is...
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