Entries for March 2014

Mar 30

Power in Prayer

There is power in prayer! It is the key to victory in our lives, families, church and nation. There is power in prayer but let's recommit ourselves to praying for the things that please God and bring Him glory. Pray big because we serve a big God!

How They Prayed:
1. They prayed first:
They didn't petition, protest, grumble, whine and complain -the prayed
2. They prayed together: v.24
3. They prayed for God's priorities v.29, 30
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Mar 23

Pleasure in Prayer

We need to learn to be private worshipers. We need to learn to enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise. Worship is the way in, it is the key to the door to intimacy with God!
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Mar 16

First of All

First of All
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Mar 09

Why Pray?

Why Pray?
God works through his people; he accomplishes his purposes on earth through people. Jesus taught us to pray for God's kingdom to come, His will to be done - he didn't ask us to pray for something that was going to happen anyway would He? He taught us to ask for our daily bread and yet, he knows our needs before we even ask.

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Mar 02

Praying for the Lost

We must be prepared to persevere when we are praying for the lost.
We must make up our minds that we will not give up because this battle we are involved in has eternal consequences. Our loved ones are too important; we can't quit
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