Entries for February 2013

Feb 24

The Greatest - Part 4

Love does not envy. How does it cause problems for us, problems for other and most importantly how does it affect our relationship with God.
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Feb 17

The Greatest - Part 3

Kindness is an active quality of love. Strong's expository dictionary defines kindness as: to show oneself useful, willing to help or assist, to act benevolently.We are never more like Jesus than when we show kindness.
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Feb 10

The Greatest is Love

We can try to love people until we bust a blood vessel and its just won't work. No matter how hard we try we cannot produce this kind of love. Love comes from God.
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Feb 03

A More Excellent

Love is a most excellent way! Love can to some degree make up for a lack of giftedness; but giftedness can never make up lack of love.
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