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Oct 28

Revival or Removal? - Part 6

The best thing I can do for America is get as close to God as I possibly can; devote myself to be close to God. Getting closer to God is not automatic or accidental; it must be intentional. I must devote myself to it!
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Oct 21

Homecoming - Satan wants to destroy, Jesus wants to save

Being a believer in these last days means we are going to war. Satan wants to destroy but Jesus wants to save us.
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Oct 19

To Know Him Is To Love Him - Revival night 3

To know Him is to love Him. Jesus has a deep compassion for us. What if we had that compassion? We need to live full out for Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit.We also need to be prepared to participate in the Fellowship of His sufferings as we draw closer to Him. He doesn't promise us riches, but He meets our needs.
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Oct 18

That's the Way It is! Revival night 2

God hasn't changed His mind toward sin, He hasn't changed His mind about grace and mercy.He is a solid rock that our faith is built upon and nothing can change the plans of God. He is unshakable and His love is everlasting.
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Oct 17

Revival night #1 - "You ARE.."

Jesus is everything the Bible said He would be and He did everything He said He would do.
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Oct 14

In Rememberance

You know what happens when we come in honest, genuine, heartfelt repentance? We find forgiveness and renewal. Every time! Without fail, we find our Father waiting with open arms!
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