Entries for January 2013

Jan 27


Temptation is not meant to make us sin; it is meant to enable us to conquer sin. Temptation is unavoidable but victory is attainable. Temptation is inevitable but defeat is optional. We don't have to give in
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Jan 20

Hungry!...for God

Let's come daily and ask for that precious gift. Let's come with a holy thirst that only that living water can satisfy! And let's come in the confidence of genuine faith that God will keep his promises. True faith lays hold of and pleads the promises of God
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Jan 13

God's chosen fast

When we fast for him. When our motives are right and our reasons for fasting are God honoring and kingdom oriented God will bless. He will reward.
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Jan 06

Why Fast?

Why fast? To many, even many Christians, it seems like an unusual, unreasonable, and unnecessary thing to do.
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