Jun 14

Let Your Light Shine!

The only way we can give His love to others is to receive it ourselves. We must be channels for the love of God. His love must flow through us!
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May 31

Keep On!

There is always something new and fresh in God's Word no matter how many times you've read it! Continue! Continue growing in your faith! Continue to get closer to God! Continue to deepen in your love for him and becoming more like him!
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May 24

The Holy Spirit

He will dwell in you forever.
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May 17

As It Was in the Days of Noah

We don't know when He is coming but we do know it is the latest it's ever been and we need to have that sense of urgency. Who do you know and love that may not be ready? What are you doing to get them ready?
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May 03

Closer Every Day

Let's get closer every day to God!
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Apr 19

Abiding in the Vine

Our purpose in life, our reason for being here is to bear fruit for God's glory... The only way we can bear fruit is to abide in the True Vine...
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